What is the biggest Pain Point facing Commercial Property Investors

Tech companies have solutions for most problems so what is the biggest problem facing investors in the Property sector. Where to invest in an asset, who to attract, how to protect and keep their asset moving forward. Or ultimately who is the end customer & what do they want in a place / space?


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    @Oli_Farago @"Magnus_Svantegård"
  • Could we build Purple Bricks for Commercial?
  • @GaryMcDonald , there was an interesting BisNow event at Dublin Airport Central earlier this morning re: campus development and a recurring theme was the lack of policy support or misalignment between policy and enforcement/execution (for example, local planners vs. An Bord Pleanala).

    Huge focus on community building and placemaking (not always a priority for CRE). Adam Malik of Equiem summed it up well by explaining that the organisation's war on talent is equal to the landlord's war for tenants - HR directors have become key decision-makers...
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