[ARTICLE] My7cents: David Butler offers ‘no excuses’ to make the digitization a top priority

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What do you think is completely underestimated when discussing the digitization of the real estate sector?

Too often digitization is discussed in terms of solutions to specific problems or elements of the value chain. What’s missing is an understanding of the entire real estate value chain and the myriad of organizations and interests that make up the real estate universe. To unlock the full potential of digitization we must find a way to digitize all the transactions and interactions. Furthermore, this must be based on a common agreed set of data standards, that are mandated as the basis for transactions and legal approvals.

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  • Bruno_AcarBruno_Acar Member
    Excellent article. The role of property managers will change drastically over time. Software tools are abundant to facilitate the process and help score easy wins in the process, for those who are willing to engage of course...
  • James_Dearsley2James_Dearsley2 Member, Administrator admin
    And what of those that don't @Bruno_Acar? is it as simple as they will be phased out? There is certainly an issue moving forward for all job roles in the future so we will just have to see.
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