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This is a great new platform, well done James and Eddie. I would love to help drive Irish proptech through this channel. More to come!


  • Nice one Lucinda, no better person to fly the flag!

  • Thanks for getting the ball rolling guys @LucindaKelly @GavinJGallagher. Looking forward to engaging with all the Irish companies on this great new platform.

  • I already wrote the long post below over in the “Introduce You Company” section of the forum and have been contacted by a UK based startup with a product that could be useful. I am posting it again here as it may be useful for proptech entrepreneurs based in Ireland - given I am in dublin you will find it a lot easier to visit East Point in person:

    Hi guys, hope you don’t mind me turning the tables here but I’d like to offer any PropTech companies an opportunity to introduce themselves to me directly. I run a commercial office park called East Point in Dublin, Ireland. Started in 1994 we are today fully occupied with circa 8,000 people working here in 50 companies across 34 buildings (1.4 million sqft / 130,000 sqm).

    In 2019 I begin a 3 year comprehensive upgrade program that will see East Point completely upgraded, modernised and with your help optimised with new technology solutions. The problem I have is identifying all the solutions out there to consider, test and implement either as a small pilot or fully across the entire park.

    There are dozens of areas being looked at including security, access control, maintenance, amenities, bike sharing, transport, parking management, landscaping, community relations, tenant communication, waste management, resource management, energy conservation to name just a few. I look after the park itself but also a number of the office building inside the park (both multi-tenant & single-tenant).

    Our tenants are mostly large tech companies such as Oracle, Google, Arvato, Fineos, Citrix and so on but we also have smaller tech firms with just 20-30 staff. I have a decent budget for new systems but in some cases I will need to try before I buy. Given the size of East Point this could be good testing opportunity for any startups working on early versions of a product.

    As a sideline to all this I will be documenting the entire upgrade process in videos, podcasts and blogs for more details check out or - feel free to connect with me at [email protected]

  • Hello fellow Irish proptechers. I hope 2019 is off to a good start. Quick question - what events (conferences/tradeshows etc) do you consider essential and which would you happily never attend again? We're trying to plan for the year ahead and not waste resources on events that sound good but just don't deliver .
    Thank you, Anna

  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin

    Hello folks, did anyone mention Unissu is based in Ireland?! Altho not technically a proptech business. Let's keep the flag flying!!!

  • Ruth_MaguireRuth_Maguire Administrator admin

    Interested to hear what people have to say @AnnaDownes2224 and to hear if there will be any Irish PropTech events taking place this year. I've noticed there are no events listed for Ireland on the Unissu event page

  • Hello @AnnaDownes2224 - I have been to a few of the PropTech events in the last couple of years but lately so many new ones have spawned that you'd have to become a full time travelling speaker like @JamesDearsley65 to be able to afford to attend them all :) The one I never miss is Future:PropTech in London in May - my first step into the exciting world of PropTech started with this event in 2016 when James was the MC and I spent an hour in the exclusive surrounds of the Press Room chatting with @EddieHolmes70 and @LucindaKelly. I already have my ticket for the 2018 event. The events I have yet to attend but are on my bucket list (if I can free up the time) are MIPIM PropTech in Paris and the MIPIM PropTech event in NYC linked to MetaProp but that could be more about the cool venue city than the event itself - the guys (JD & EH) can probably advise on whether its worth the trip/cost. I am also keen to attend an event in Asia. I was thinking to run a Dublin based PropTech event at some stage - any interest @CarolTallon64 ?

  • Chris_LynchChris_Lynch Member

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could possibly help out with a few introductions to Dublin based estate agents. We just launched the beta of our new platform,** FLOW by DwellDown** ( We re-created and re-designed the inbox specifically for property professionals. Outlook and Gmail are inefficient when it comes to the daily needs of the modern estate agent. FLOW by DwellDown is an easy to use inbox that creates visual and customisable workflow funnel while sorting / managing property inquiries. You can automate communication with prospective tenants and create viewing schedules. We are receiving great feedback from agents, but looking to grow the usage pool. Any help would be amazing. Thank you.

  • gavinjgallaghergavinjgallagher Member ✭✭
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    @ChrisLynch822 I know a ton of them Chris - let's meet up to discuss. Gavin

  • Hey, just catching up on old posts here - sorry!

    • @ChrisLynch822 come join us on Property Matters some Tuesday evening as that podcast is sent to thousands within the industry.
  • @GavinJGallagher437 Re: event in Ireland - I have the rather amazing @AntonySlumbers19 booked for Dublin in late August for special training with a dozen or so agents but it seems greedy to keep him to ourselves so we can certainly try to tie in something at that stage. Also, Proptech Ireland is working with Placetech for a November event - we can discuss more tomorrow!

  • gavinjgallaghergavinjgallagher Member ✭✭

    look forward to it Carol!

  • Anna_DownesAnna_Downes Member
    Hi Folks, anyone going to FuturePropTech in London tomorrow? I've a stand over in the Estate Agent section so come over and say hi if you're around.
  • GaryMcDonaldGaryMcDonald Member
    Just introducing Limitless Insights for any shopping Centres, Retail & Airports get in touch.
  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin

    What did everyone think of future proptech and Ireland presence there?

  • GaryMcDonaldGaryMcDonald Member
    If there are any Asset Managers that need to know their property & end customer we are looking to help. Just finished our fourth Shopping center and are rolling it out across Europe. Also starting 200 stores in US & Airports in Saudi so would love to talk to DAA and Asset managers in Ireland.
  • The show itself was very relevant and informative, as always. I expected a larger Irish presence there
  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin
    Yes apart from @gavinjgallagher I don't think I met a single irish representative!
  • Any property guys using footfall counters or survey tools like Card or Caci willing to share costs?
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