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  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin

    Lots of discussion today on Whatsapp about this event and whether it really is worth attending for PropTech businesses given the property audience is so disengaged on the topic and because the exhibiting PropTech businesses are stuck in the basement. What do you all think?

  • Such a huge event. In my experience it's difficult to find your share of attention at MIPIM Cannes. But you go where your customers go.

  • James_Dearsley1James_Dearsley1 Administrator admin

    Interested in that perspective @TravisBarrington456. Would you encourage PropTechs to pay for a ticket or just go and sip coffee around the outside? I know that is often a question asked by many trying to justify going down.

  • @EddieHolmes70 I couldn't disagree with you more (unlike me I know!).

    @TravisBarrington456 is right, we have to go where our clients go. As a community, yes it's great to be able to meet, learn from, and help one another, but the majority of our time has to be spent with our customers. It's not even just about selling to them, it's about sharing ideas, listening, understanding their challenges and most importantly learning how we can better work together to create amazing solutions.

    There is a place for all types of events, but I would recommend to any tech business that if you had to pick between going to a single PropTech focussed event or an event that is designed for your client base, pick the client event every single time.

    I personally think Reed Midem has been doing a really good job at engaging with the PropTech community, as evidenced by the party they are throwing later this week, alongside the UK PropTech Association. The goal is to bring together 200 people, from both the Tech and the Real Estate sectors to network and at the same time, for them to get a greater understanding of how best to shape their future digital agenda.

    Just my two penneth, however, an interesting debate for sure.

  • I am in two minds about MIPIM. Having attended many times over the years I always felt it was more of a big drinking session with everyone I met hungover from the night before (maybe I hang out with the wrong crowd). Having said that it is one of the few places you are likely to have an opportunity to meet the global head of real estate for any number of major global firms. So if you have done your homework, identified who your target customers are, tried in advance to set up appointments, have your pitch super polished and well rehearsed so you can deliver a very memorable and relevant elevator pitch in 30 seconds or less then you stand as good chance to get a few minutes in front of quite a few top people who you might have to wait months normally or have to travel to get a meeting with any other time of the year. Just remember everyone is super rushed so you won't have anymore than a few minutes to explain your product so have that pitch rehearsed. The good thing about the social (drinking) side of MIPIM is that you can get in front of high level people in a more informal setting, but in those settings try to focus on making an authentic friendly connection rather than using it to sell - they smell this a mile off and will be looking for the exit.

  • It's just SO expensive! We've taken a stand in the Innovation Section at the MIPIM UK show for the past 2 years and footfall was very quiet this year. Yes, it's a good way to meet people but I'm not sure the return is there for small companies, when the cost of attending is such a sizable chunk of their (modest) budgets. Maybe I'm just going to the wrong events?

  • Menno_LammersMenno_Lammers Member, Moderator mod

    Why go to Cannes if you can go to Austin (TX)? #Innovation

  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin

    A huge range of opinions on this one, great to see the debate!

    Don't you think @OliFarago345 @WouterTruffino17 that 2019 will mark the year that your customers start going to focused tech events in large numbers?

  • Wouter_TruffinoWouter_Truffino Member, Moderator mod

    Hi @EddieHolmes70 , I really don't think they will. We always see the same people at the proptech events. We really need to be were the 'old' industry is. In The Netherlands we see that just 1% of less is really making new or better business by adding PropTech. That number really needs to climb a whole lot before 'old' real estate will come to proptech events.

  • It will be my first time attending MIPIM, and I must say I agree with @GavinJGallagher437. For the event of this scale (and price) to get the most of it I feel there needs to be a proper preparation done beforehand. MIPIM can save up thousands of dollars on business trips that one has to take to meet the targeted clients/ partners. It gathers almost all industry leaders at the same place and time. What I'm mostly looking forward to is to see how the narrative will change this time around: the main trends that MIPIM 2019 will set for the entire industry and some Proptech companies that for sure will shine and become the most talked about.

  • Ruth_MaguireRuth_Maguire Administrator admin

    Interested to know what event(s) you're most looking forward to attending at Cannes this year?

  • Hi everyone !

    Don't miss :
    - Women in PropTech dinner (03/11)
    - The French PropTech press confrence on the (03/12) --> check out https://radio.immo
    - Global PropTech Leaders on the (03/13)
    - Meet Habiteo's team ! B-64 (03/12 to 15)

  • Ruth_MaguireRuth_Maguire Administrator admin

    Sounds good @CamilleGicquel1965 thanks for sharing

  • Fully agree with @OliFarago345 on @EddieHolmes70 comment. We've been attending MIPIM for quite a few years and prior to going we normally average 25 pre-booked high level meetings. It's our most important show of the year and the quality of the meetings is much better than the other shows we attend.

  • Edwin_BartlettEdwin_Bartlett Member
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    Hello All
    I will be attending MIPIM this year representing Accruent, one of the leading (and most acquisitive) global CRETech/PropTech firms. I was the co founder and CEO of Kykloud acquired by Accruent last year.
    My new role is to advise the business on strategy and data solutions, so I would be delighted to hear from anyone working in the FM, Leasing, Capital Planning, IOT, surveying space, either property industry or tech side.
    [email protected]

  • Hi all,

    I'll be representing askporter (askporter.com) at MIPIM this year and keen to might with anyone working across residential, commercial or facilities management.
    We're also hosting a 'Future of Property' evening in Cannes & pleased to extend an invite to property/proptech professionals to meet the team and have a drink (or two) on us. Message me here for further details or to be on the guest-list: [email protected]

    Look forward to meeting some of you there!

  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin

    Good to see you're doing your Jesus impression and turning Google's money into alcohol for everyone @CurranMcKay2421

  • Mario_FacchinettiMario_Facchinetti Member
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    Anyone interested to meet the innovators of the Swiss real estate industry? Join our meetup on Wednesday afternoon. For more click here. I am looking forward seeing you!

  • Before commenting, I should say that, among other things, I work on the MIPIM News team and head up the MAPIC News team! So, transparency assured, I do think that at this stage you definitely need to go to where the industry is. I know a few real estate companies that go to tech shows, meet up with Silicon Valley companies etc, but they are few and far between. The vast majority stick with a rota of real estate driven events and MIPIM is firmly on most calendars, though if retail is your target I would forego it and head for MAPIC. The one thing I would really recommend is to organise, organise, organise, because both are shows that benefit massively from a targeted approach.

    Finally, I should add that editorial coverage in the daily magazines is free (so long as your are an official participant), so if you have a great story you need to come find us.

  • Lee_RushLee_Rush Member

    Thanks for the tip @MarkFaithfull1997 that’s good to know! I’ve found MIPIM great for contacts in the past and you can never have enough in my opinion. We’re not heading to Cannes this year but we are heading to the Paris event in July, hopefully see some of you there.

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