PropTech - Toronto

Great to see a Canada Proptech community page on Unissu! Looking forward to meeting other Canadians interested in the Proptech scene.


  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin

    I've been blown away by how many Canadians have taken an interest in PropTech since starting Unissu. Great to see

  • James_Dearsley1James_Dearsley1 Administrator admin

    Please you've joined us here @AndrewVellekoop866 best to get your community on to this page and it can develop naturally from now on.

    Best of luck with it all

  • Hello fabulous Canadian proptech people! I’m over in Toronto at the end of this month. If anyone fancies a coffee and catch up then give me a shout.

  • Lovish_GuptaLovish_Gupta Member

    Glad to be connected with Proptech community in Canada. Its definitely generating plenty of interest!!
    Looking forward to meeting like minded individuals and discuss real estate problems and possible solutions.

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