[ARTICLE] How far behind the curve is the commercial real estate industry?

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    This is a phenomenal overview John. Thanks for your input on this.

  • Excellent article John - super impressive. Your comments on the clients need to move quicker dictating the development of the flex workspace is very true. Up until reasonably recently, most overseas businesses looking to set up in London, for example, could be advised to give themselves as much time as possible to find a suitable office. Now that shift is definitely changing - the likes of WeWork, UnCommon, TOG etc. are gearing their service models to move clients quickly (next day in some cases!)

  • Thanks Simon and James! There is a high degree of expectation and immediacy in almost every facet of our lives now and that includes our working lives. This is now pervading the way want to buy and also use workspace.

    If the market is to really respond to this change, one of the most significant mental barriers we need to overcome is that workplace / Commercial Real Estate has consistently thought of itself as different or a breed apart somehow - despite there being no real logic upon which to found this conclusion! A real shift in mindset is needed right across the market if it is to keep up with change in other sectors.

  • great article and fully agree that shift in mindset is needed !

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