Global PropTech Funding in 2019

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How do you get a true overview of how the global PropTech industry is faring? Through up-to-the-minute PropTech funding analysis, that's how.

At Unissu we do the hard work for you, providing you with free monthly PropTech funding information and analysis. Using the broadest and deepest data set, coming from the entire global PropTech ecosystem, we present the most accurate and up-to-minute information on specific funding events and total funding figures.

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  • Would be great to know how you define a funding event. Are you counting M&A activity or just VC investment? Thank you!
  • @Benedettamahina_Mais We define a funding event as any time a company raises investment within a funding round. We also exclude any funding rounds that are debt financing as we do not believe that debt financing directly influences PropTech.
  • Just noticed, it looks like there was less spent on PropTech in 2019 than in 2018. Does anyone know more about this?
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