Real estate should take its copycatting one step further

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If real estate firms could go one step further with their copycatting, might they actually be able to better differentiate themselves and add far more security to their futures?

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  • Brilliant thought provoking piece, the heart of it is - agent's need project manager's to manage the core change in their company, I get asked to do this all the time, when my role really is to shine a torch on the way tech can improve their business. Agents' if they have 10 in the team, need two tech/agents and 8 sales people, and of course here is the rub, the lack of skills. This is a copycat of the pattern being rolled out in other industries.
  • John_KingJohn_King Member
    Great insight. Talent makes the difference. Without the talent, execution will fall short.
  • Great analysis of copycatting! Technology is merely the mean, then you need to make sure you got a great team ready for adoption. Otherwise waste of money and resources. Well said, thumbs up
  • A great team, and people first is always a good point for a good digital transformation.
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