rightsignal teams up with homesearch (press release)

Morning everyone from a freezing cold Holmfirth! I hope you find this press release interesting and useful. Both rightsignal and homesearch are always keen to talk to potential new partners.
Property professionals, advisors, investors and developers are continually longing for decision grade information. With technology, IoT and in-home connectivity becoming hugely important for the end- consumer, the quest for an understanding of which are the truly digitally connected homes has never had more focus!
rightsignal provide mobile signal strength information and broadband connectivity options and costs to individual properties, with a single click. This will be added to Homesearch’s service for property professionals allowing them to provide this key information to their clients.
This solves the problem of knowing in advance the broadband speed and signal strength of a home that agent is bringing to market, meaning they’re able to leverage excellent digital connectivity in their marketing or understand and deal with the issue if connectivity levels are poor. It is the first time we are aware that a PropTech software platform provides this level of real-time connectivity information within an app or software platform.
Homesearch Director Sam Hunter said “Digital connectivity has always been of interest to us. It was serendipitous timing when the rightsignal guys approached us saying they’d been pointed in our direction. The partnership just makes sense.”
rightsignal has been developed by veteran telecoms entrepreneurs Paul Doyle and Martyn Gould who were also featured on BBC2’s Dragons Den earlier this year. Rightsignal and their API has been created to work with any software platform and can be connected with other property systems for estate agents, property developers. The rightsignal team are also engaged in advanced conversations with the UK’s largest property search portals.
About Homesearch:
Homesearch is the UK’s largest database of verified residential property data.
The powerful platform helps property professionals understand their market better, win new clients and retain existing ones, have better conversations, save time and effort and engage with their clients and customers on a deeper, more informed level.
Homesearch is here to help raises the bar of knowledge, professionalism and service across the whole property industry.
Sam Hunter – Co-Founder & Director [email protected]
0207 531 7144
Editors queries to; Martyn Gould
Founder - rightsignal [email protected] www.rightsignal.co.uk @rightsignal1
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