12 trends that will change the real estate industry in 2020

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The end of the year is upon us, and who are we not to partake in that growing festive trend of predicting what will happen over the next 12 months? We would hate to be considered Scrooge-like, so, without any messing around, here are Unissu's top predictions for real estate and PropTech in the year 2020.

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  • Interesting read Will, well done.
    In our HVAC business we have another name for "A dawning of the harsh reality of long sales cycles and infrequent transactions"
  • Point 1
    If we take a look at the challenges ahead its really interesting. Despite all the hype about robots and automation every organisation will still need great people, now and into the future.
    Those great people, the workforce, will be the difference between average, good or great performance. This workforce is changing, Gen X and Y will be dominant. It’s different to what has gone before. Personally I think different good however organisations have to adapt. The workforce in 2025, will be very X and Y.
    Old school management approaches wont work (or aren’t already) to get the engagement or productivity you need to deeply understand your workforce. Many Companies are waking up to the fact that the workplace has changed and will continue to. Leadership at all levels will have to adjust and adapt.
    Leading the change; Head of happiness, head of people engagement? I am sure we will see many job titles we haven’t before whilst the title may say different things the mandate will be that for any organisation to achieve its objectives someone will be entirely people focused and understand the workforce and what engages them.
  • 8. “We will see a flush out of inexperienced hangers on and advisers, replaced with genuine experts from market leading brands as the market professionalises”
    Mmm, where do you start with this one. Maybe its my Christmas spirt however it feels a bit harsh. I was preparing for a client meeting this week and read up on “digital transformation” the more I read the more it became clear that theres lots of situations where the transformation hasn’t been successful. It really intrigued me why. So I read a little more and not surprisingly the theme of the issues were
    • Lack of vision or determination
    • Lack of focus
    • Lack of understanding of the digital economy
    • Organisational resistance to change
    • Legacy issues
    • Technology stack and development process not flexible
    • Poor data!
    All very interesting when you start to look at this. Inexperience? Well maybe however I think its deeper than that. The above reads as though there was a poor change process & foundation. Experts are needed however strong leadership is a must.
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    Very interesting trends! Looking forward to jump into 2020. Let's dig it!
    Check also: https://www.unissu.com/proptech-resources/2020-ten-trends-that-will-change-real-estate-industry
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