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Venture into Proptech is a digital competition designed to help us select the best protpech startups and scaleups on the market to deploy across our 1 million sq m pipeline.

Until 15 November 2019 we are accepting applications from companies able to improve the experience, operation and function of our office buildings. The shortlisted companies will be informed on 25.11.19 and will pitch in front of our leadership team, a pool of sector specific investors and a broader crowd of trailblazers on 5 December 2019 at HubHub London.

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  • Real estate and Proptech industry analyst, consultant and journalist. Providing insights, strategies and commentary on. and for real estate and Proptech companies to maximise engagement, mutual enlightenment and profitability. With over 30-years of real estate experience and a large network of clients and property industry leaders, (tech and non tech) many of whom are my friends. I also have a number of personal projects within the sector. A solid property professional who is now an annoying zealous Proptech advocate, recently writing pieces for Unissu, my most recent piece on the fate of construction by the mid 20's includes reference to our hosts hbreavis - available in the coming week. I am also open to funding 'good ideas' within the Proptech space - a bias towards real estate - but my mind is open.
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    Look forward to some reviews on how this event was received!
  • Eddie / James would love some feedback on the pitch
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