[ARTICLE] Editor's Letter - We need to talk about construction

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    I always think that the main driver here, and the reason why they should be considered the same, is that construction firms which have traditionally operated with build-to-sell models are now increasingly working on build-to-rent models.
    As a result, they are contemplating how they have new relationships with occupiers and issues to do with ongoing management. Therefore, considering what technology to use and deploy during the build phase becomes crucial to long term ROI.
    This is customer led business model transformation (digital transformation) in action.
  • Interesting read!
  • Agreed. Good Contech the basis of successful BIM implementation. (Amongst other things). @Eddie_Holmes point also stands. Rather than handing off an asset, those who see it through end to end and into operation stand to benefit from downstream integration.
  • In my perspective if we want to make step forward with digitalisation we should start from people who works on site. Educate and learn them to have information flow in both ways, not only from planning part.
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