Don't be replaced by a robot

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The property industry is evolving, rapidly. We are in a time where technology is solving problems and finding solutions to longstanding frustrations. Automation is welcomed as the thought of removing administrative tasks is favoured, but in an industry focussed around people, can automation be taken too far?

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  • Really thought provoking and I do agree with your sentiment for the majority of generations that are buying/selling homes in today’s market. However, there is a generation coming through the ranks that are more than comfortable, and sometimes prefer not to speak to anyone. I think that as long as there is a satisfactory or positive outcome, there’s no harm in minimal human intervention, but I totally accept this is not for everyone and this is a subjective subject!

  • James_Dearsley2James_Dearsley2 Member, Administrator admin
    Both people and automation can be taken too far @Claire_Owen - when you consider, according to MIT "automation" definition, over 40% of all PropTechs have automation at their heart, it is certainly a hot topic at the minute.

    Having said all of that, if it releases people from jobs that are low level and in-efficient, I don't see the issue myself. This is rather generalist however because this could cause a huge issue in developing countries like India. Automation will cause a huge level of technological redundancy and a huge societal issue in my view.
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