Editor’s Letter: It’s time to start trusting PropTech

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From the many conversations I have with people from real estate, it’s clear that the industry is truly starting to embrace PropTech. What’s also clear, however, is that while there is a wide understanding of what PropTech is, there remains little understanding about he context in which in sits, digital transformation. To know more about this, real estate needs to start putting a little more trust in PropTech.

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  • Great article, Will.
  • As you know Will I am from beyond, a man with a long past in estate agency, and I think that for non-millennials or Gen-Z's in the estate agency world, the perceived lack of trust comes not only from disinterest, but, having little time to absorb the Proptech revolution. I am lucky, I am no longer running a beast of an agency which devours all the hours day and night, but if I was or running a number of branches, or even a CEO, I am not sure at what point if I was 50 years old or more I could get the time to delve deeply into the world of Unissu and its component parts. Yes, because of what I know, agents should trust the industry, AI is not going to replace everyone, and if the current failure of the online model shows anything then quality 'fact to face' interaction between agents and clients will become more not less necessary. It is a hard nut to crack - how to engage those most in need, but at least the journey has begun and I have been sending out links to the e-book, with some really good feedback, maybe agents out there are more trusting in things than some imagine, they just need a little hug of easily accessible information every now and then.
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