Uber and aerial mapping

James_Dearsley2James_Dearsley2 Member, Administrator admin

Have just been reading this and some pretty impressive stuff going on

"The size of geospatial data sets is growing rapidly and is already several orders of magnitude bigger than what many open source visualization tools can handle. Accordingly, the Uber Visualization team has been looking for technologies that would enable visualization of even bigger data sets in the browser"

Interesting to again see how mobility and mapping is becoming one. In this case though it is the size of these data that amazes me. And the 10yr timeframes being discussed.

Any mapping people on here. Would love to hear your perspectives.


  • James_Dearsley2James_Dearsley2 Member, Administrator admin

    Just read that the company working with Uber here is only 5mths old........?

  • Mete_VarasMete_Varas Member
    I heard it's flexible and provides granular data -each hex goes down as granular as 50cm.- Interesting that such a move came from Uber -not/before Waymo-. There is a great company tackling location problem by using computer vision AI, https://scape.io/. Everything above surface : )
  • Mete_VarasMete_Varas Member
    Another interesting (open-source) step from Uber. They added visualization to all their data points. https://eng.uber.com/3d-tiles-loadersgl/
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