[EVENT] PropIT 2020 Middle East

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  • Diamond Developers are global leaders in large scale development of sustainable (Social, Environmental & Economic) residential communities.
    Not only do we create amazing living spaces, but we share our knowledge openly with other developers and government leaders, in the hope more will follow us to build more such communities.
    Personally, I would like to see the real estate industry take great steps forward to improve professionalism, especially here in the Middle East. This means agents need to choose real estate as a serious career, commit to it and understand it in great detail, once that is achieved clients will have respect for what we do and value our professional opinions.
    PropTech will support this process, giving genuine agents tools allowing them to reach their full potential, and giving clients sufficient information to differentiate the good agents from the bad (forcing the latter to disappear soon enough!).
    I look forward to seeing you at PropIT 2020, feel free to get in contact before, during or after the event.
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