New to this: intro & disruptive real estate broker prop-tech firm!

New to this and I don't know what the protocol is. My name is Georges Benoliel, Franco-American, happily married to a Costa Rican Wife and proud father of 2-year-old tri-national Lily. I am the co-founder of New York-based next generation real estate technology and brokerage firm NestApple. My firm is offering (i) home buyers the opportunity to earn a 2% rebate check off the sale price and (ii) home sellers the option to list an apartment with full-service brokerage services for only 1%. Technology has changed the way business is done in ways that were unimaginable a decade ago. Residential real estate practices should adapt and evolve now that buyers and sellers have unlimited access to property listings and other information that was once hard to get. Twenty years ago, brokers were receiving apartment listings over fax, had access to information not available to the general public and were considered to have an insight into the business. Brokers are still useful and play a significant role in real estate transactions. However, their role has changed and should, therefore, be reflected in the commissions they receive.


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