Industrie 4.0 - Smart design & smart construction/ manufacturing

Smart Industry or Industry 4.0 is the name for a trend of automation and data exchange used in industrial manufacturing techniques. It consists of autonomous cyber-physical production systems, the Internet of Things (IoT or IIoT: Industrial IoT), cloud computing and systems that can take over part or all of our thinking process (cognitive computing).

Smart Industry of Industry 4.0 makes what is called a "smart factory". Within these smart factories, machines are linked and readout, so that a good insight can be obtained into what is really happening in the factory and the processes can be optimized more quickly.

We see some great examples like Hyperform i.o (BIG + UNStudio), Katerra, Madaster which gives us a glimp of what changes we will make. What do you see is happening, are there more examples and what challenges do you face to make the construction / industry smart?

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