Restrictions on rental property advertising under the Equal Status Acts

Hi all, I'm hoping for some international perspective on this please: A long-running legal action against Ireland's largest property portal ( - full details here: has resulted in a list of terms and phrases being banned in the advertisement of rental properties under the Equal Status Act. Most are fair and sensible; however, the term 'references required' has now been prohibited and landlords can no longer point out who/what type of tenant the property is suitable for. Is it not clear whether this applies to work or previous landlord references. Given the rise in proptech solutions to weed through large number of tenants to select the best ones, I'm interested to know has Ireland over-corrected to ensure equal access for all tenants? At the end of the day, the landlord can still choose the tenant...

We discussed this on Property Matters radio/podcast yesterday and I was asked about the position in other jurisdictions, unfortunately I didn't have a clue (listen back here: Any insights appreciated... @Kristjan_Byfield have you come across this?


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