[ARTICLE] Uber Air and Opportunities for Commercial Real Estate

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    Really fascinating article @Rick_Wesley . You're looking forward on a five year horizon but when do you think the time is to take practical steps towards this as it becomes less thought and more action?
  • Joanna_MarshJoanna_Marsh Member
    Absolutely! Great article, and obviously very well considered. As someone in Innovation in Commercial Property, I agree it is an exciting opportunity... and to make it work, I'd want to have the seamless integration you mention from our customers perspective. Ideal to be bookable through one application. Thank you for this.
  • Rick_WesleyRick_Wesley Member

    @Eddie_Holmes 2020 is the year the trials begin. I believe action can be taken now to work with companies like skyportz who support Uber and the government in the pitching proposals of which property structures will be used. To know exactly how Uber plans to roll out and achieve this will influence development and capital budget for existing building fitouts.

    As sites are approved it then moves into two two areas:

    (1) Development, Design and access both for the landing and customers 24/ 7

    (2) Experiences before the flight, place making services and capitalising on the traffic.

    if the growth plans in the next 5 years of the business is about place making, new revenue , innovation, premium services, increased foot traffic ..etc.. then they should be in on the conversations now to plan for it ahead

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