[ARTICLE] Embracing Digital Transformation in Real Estate: Chapter 1

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  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes admin Administrator admin
    This is essential reading for anyone working at the interface between property and PropTech!
  • Rob_BradyRob_Brady Member
    Great read Will
  • JorisPeucheretJorisPeucheret Member

    Many thanks Will for this introduction to Digital Transformation.

    As marketing & digital specialist: it has emerged that one of the pillar of Transformation journey is Customer Experience Design enabled by innovation, data, technology, teams working together with clear measurables outcomes.

    In property like any industries: the value chain involves many part which can sometime work in siloes sometime forgeting interests and benefits to the end customers (ultimate value creator). The transformation journey is also a cultural shift within organisations. Property market has a transformative journey ahead with technology and innovations, but also people at the centre of this digital disruption.

  • Menno_LammersMenno_Lammers mod Member, Moderator mod
    You can read it here: what's the difference between digitization, digitalization and digital transformation and why it matters for PropTech
  • Will_DarbyshireWill_Darbyshire Member
    Thanks @JorisPeucheret - you're completely right with everything you say. The coming chapters of this guide will cover exactly what you mentioned - transformation is as much about mentality and culture as it it technology, perhaps even more so. But, I would say that those who are making the most of this opportunity have undergone the necessary mentality change very early on in the process rather than trying to change gradually. This mentality/culture shift must be the first concern for all - before even looking towards technology solutions, for example - because without it, it is far more difficult to see the true value and potential in innovation, emerging models, solutions, and so on.

    If we try to instigate change before understanding exactly why (and what we're trying to accomplish), the experience will be akin to a dog chasing its tail.
  • Robert_StarkRobert_Stark Member
    A good start - I look forward to the following chapters.
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