Where to next for the UK Market?

With the general slow down in the UK property market, especially in the South East. Where to next? Election coming, change of Prime Minister guaranteed, very possible no deal Brexit scenario. This combined with the complete turnaround in sentiment towards the online agent sector over last three months. One can only assume, as the consumer does not like uncertainty, that the market will continue to be, at best, subdued, for the foreseeable future.


  • ChrisSChrisS Member
    Hi Philip,
    are you asking the question from an estate agency perspective or proptech?
  • Philip_FarrellPhilip_Farrell Member
    Hi Chris,
    Primarily from an estate agency perspective
  • Lucinda_LayLucinda_Lay Member
    Looking at the trends....estate agents need to evolve fast or risk losing out by the end of 2019!
  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin
    Don't you think it's too late now @Lucinda_Lay ? I think theres definitely a high likelihood now that resi sales agents are facing perfect storm of a bad market and customers wanting more for less
  • There is no doubt that from the resi agent's perspective, that they will see greater change in the property sale model in the next 5 years than was experienced in the previous 50 years. Customer is king and the customer won't wait for no man', as the saying goes'
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