Could the property market ever work together rather than as competitors?

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I talk a lot about how competition and cooperation are 2 different things currently but will combine in due course because of market changes.

Interesting to see BMW and Jaguer doing just this today over the building of electric engines in cars. No point investing millions seperately to build the same technology.

Makes more sense to build together and share knowledge and skills. 

I wonder if the property market has any similar dynamics on future product lines and whether they are ready to cooperate?



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    I don't think the property industry can be compared to automotive due to the relative fragmentation. I think the cooperation and mergers will come in the tech suppliers
  • I think this is already happening albeit often through intermediaries. Look at 5th Wall who have brought together a cadre of large property firms, across which they can incubate, test and grow emerging real estate technologies.

    Otherwise, look to VTS. Brookfield are a global user and keystone investor (so presumably help drive the direction of the business plan / development of the product) but they aren't exclusive users of the software.
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    That is a good point on 5th Wall @Bert_Broadhead and perhaps they have an investment thesis around this too e.g. investing in businesses which will benefit from each other and, in turn, increase valuations of all involved therefore a win, win, win scenario.

    Is that what is needed though, someone from outside seeing the potential and instigating the collaboration. Am i short sighted here and there are others that are actually instigating it?
  • @James_Dearsley2 Collaboration and co-operation certainly exists but it's hard to refer across to your car example. As a possible comparison to building electric engines, it will be interesting to keep an eye on modular housing manufacturers. Do developers, housebuilders and investors do this on their own balance sheets or co-operate and co-invest in new platforms together? Although the current trend is for proprietary sub-businesses, I fully expect to see examples of the latter.
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    If you mean PropTech and Property industry as a whole then there are loads of hurdles to overcome. There is for a start a thinking that only those who have worked in the industry can come up with solutions to make it better. Innovation comes from all sorts of areas - including the end user of a service. To think that a supplier of a service has all the answers is flawed - they are most likely only looking at the problem from their own perspective. They then create solutions to address their own needs. It isn't the same as looking at it from the consumer's perspective
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    +1 @ChrisS I think we can agree that often those within the industry are well placed to spot problems but generally they do not have the tools, skills or experience to understand how to approach finding a solution. One of the key messages the property industry is slowly but surely realising is that innovation is a toolset every company requires and that most of them do not have it - yet!
  • I think that collaboration does exist between property companies, as I’ve said before there are many examples of where joint ventures exist where expertise is missing. 100 Bishopsgate started as a JV between GPE and Brookfield.

    The collaboration with SmartSpaces to create a workplace app capable of being rolled out across our portfolio was a true collaboration of ideas and practical implementation. One person or company wasn’t capable of delivering that on their own it took many of us from inside and outside of the company to make that happen

    Further evidence can be made by our membership of a think tank with six other REITs across Europe to focus on Innovation and sustainability is producing some interesting results.

    Finally collaboration through initiatives such such as the Better Buildings Partnership are also accelerating knowledge

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    Who are you working with @James_Pellatt

  • We are working with Alstria, Gecina, Castellum, NSI, Colonial and Coima.
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