Is anyone engaged by Unissu? Is it just a database and not a community?

I woke up quite early this morning, thought I'd submit an article for Unissu because I have had something in my mind for a long time. It took a couple of minutes to actually find how to write an article.

I had some problems with the whole thing, listed below, and then I just wanted to see what the whole website is about. Because it looks more and more like a website and not a community nor a portal of... anything.

The community pages, where I think I'm writing a post (remains to be seen), seems extremely un-engaging and very 90ish in its appearance. I'm an avid lurker on Reddit so that doesn't really frighten me, but there seems to be almost zero engagement!

Weird. So why am I actually writing this here? To be honest? I'm not really sure. I think there is a need for a proptech community, and maybe I'm just not getting it. I am probably wishing for tons of replies on this one, telling me how amazing Unissu experience is, and what a great place it is. I doubt it, but I am hoping it will happen.

If you see this, and have read this far, please comment. Liking something on this page also seems to have been lost in the 90s approach.

Below is my article submission experience:

Having to search for where to write an article was mildly infuriating. But fair enough, quite a new site so I'm hoping they'll improve UI/UX in the future because if I write something, I want people to find it easily!

Then I see there's no way of accrediting the photo.
There seems to be no way of providing a URL to the article with helpful links (I hope I'm just missing it)
There are no hovertexts for the icons in the help-field when writing an article. Some are not self-explanatory.
The floating help button provides a weirdly looking text box where the text you write is barely visible and the send button doesn't work.
There's no obvious way of previewing the article either.
Go to the Ant o' sluggard - Just go and have a look at Linkedin and see what they do. They are far from the best, but they've got the basics down at least.
(And I can't seem to add more tags in the Tags field as well, and the tags that appear as suggestions are strange looking as well. What is going on???"


  • Richard_StevensRichard_Stevens Member
    "To be honest? I'm not really sure. I think there is a need for a proptech community, and maybe I'm just not getting it. I am probably wishing for tons of replies on this one, telling me how amazing Unissu experience is, and what a great place it is. I doubt it, but I am hoping it will happen"*

    Well... here's a reply at least.

    I don't really get the site either and find the structure a bit confusing. But then, I've only logged in a handful of times, which probably also tells its own story. I'm sure it was founded with the best of intentions, but I can't see much that'll keep me coming back here at the moment.
  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin
    Hello @Nicolas_Waern and @Richard_Stevens !

    Thank you very much for your detailed and helpful feedback.

    I thought the least I can do is offer you an equally as detailed reply!

    Perhaps a little background first, for context.

    - Unissu is now 4 months old
    - It is changing fast
    - We are in the midst of an ongoing and detailed user feedback process
    - Our goal is to connect the property and PropTech communities to help both sides of the market do more business together, more efficiently.

    And so your comments couldn't come at a better time.

    So let me try and address your points.

    ** Are we a community or a database?

    This is a very good question. I think we could all agree that community takes time to build. In 2014, when James and I first became involved in PropTech, there was no community at all. We've been working to create it ever since. At the moment, we are trying to work out the best ways to really make Unissu work as a community rather than just a directory. But yes, indeed, when we launched we had no users and just a database. That's changing every day and as you can see we've now got over 300 users engaged in the community and 25000 users. So I think we can say that we have a long way to go but are doing our best to get there.

    ** Engagement and 90's style

    We have had lots of feedback from users who tell us they like our UI but we are always open to more feedback and I have passed this to our lead designer. Please let me know if you'd be happy to speak with us both directly. We are aware that Like and Share functionality needs improvement.

    ** Article submission experience

    I think your comments are all sensible suggestions and again I've passed them to our designer. We only have one so there's a bit of a queue which we always try to manage as best we can. When we launched, we had to post articles manually so we are definitely keen to improve this.

    ** LinkedIn

    You're absolutely right about LinkedIn, they do many things very well. We aren't trying to compete with them but as you say much of what they do is a good direction. We do hope that our data and industry specificity gives us some advantages over them too!

    ** Tags

    We've done the initial work to classify all 7091 PropTech businesses we have found but undoubtedly there is room for community driven improvement there. What did you have in mind?

    And to Richard:

    We are working on giving you as many reasons as possible to keep coming back. However we are also comfortable that you may not need to come back, if we are sending you leads for potential new clients. I would suggest that there is an enormous opportunity for you and your firm to build competitive advantage through utilising our influencer concept as part of a wider content marketing strategy. Totally understood if that's not part of your plan though!

    If i were to add in my own criticism of our work to date it would be to say that we need to do a much better job of communicating what we do and why we do it. You'll soon see a whole bunch of improvements around that.

    As a gesture of thanks to both I've upgraded both your accounts to Premium.

    Kind regards
  • Nicolas_WaernNicolas_Waern Member
    Hi @Eddie_Holmes and @Richard_Stevens !

    Thanks for commenting!
    Yes, I agree. It's super confusing and I can't really wrap my head around it. But as I said, I like the idea a lot and I think it's much needed. I talked to Eddie yesterday actually so he's really keen on making this fly. Which I find refreshing. So, I have actually started to write down some stuff that I think could be improved whilst using the website.

    Great comments above. The tags section was just that the tags seem corrupted upon writing an article.

    I'll hone in on some more suggestions and you do with it what you want :)

    THanks for taking the time to write a detailed answer and providing an explanation, much appreciated!
  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin
    Really appreciate your insight in how we can make Unissu better for you @Nicolas_Waern (and everyone else reading this!)
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