[ARTICLE] The do’s and don’ts of market transformation

James_Dearsley1James_Dearsley1 Administrator admin
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  • Sonny_MaseroSonny_Masero Member
    To add to this. Don't be scared of being wrong about which PropTech is the right solution. No-one knows for sure as the market is transforming radically. Now is the time to dive-in whilst everyone is learning and finding their way. Not blindly; with care. If you don't then you'll miss a rare chance to see what does and doesn't work well. Or you could wait and follow when it's safer - you'll then be behind the curve rather than surfing the wave.
  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin
    +1 @Sonny_Masero . There is really very little to lose. But to do so requires a holistic approach to understanding what the future of your property company may look like - both positive and negative. And obtaining a holistic understanding is pretty difficult!
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