[ARTICLE] Knowledgeable Spaces for smart living

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  • James_Dearsley2James_Dearsley2 Member, Administrator admin
    Great article Krithika and some interesting perspectives. I'm interested in how an AI starts to learn to create these knowledgable spaces though. How do they "learn the intent of the user" as that is something I cannot imagine is easy to do?
  • Thanks for taking the time to read @James, appreciate it! It's through an ML algorithm based process. Repetitive usage and fixed patterns help a machine to learn context and suggest actions over a period of time. So it's predictive intent followed with a suggestion. E.g. If someone's been in the bathroom for way longer than they normally do, is this a cause for concern and should the right people be flagged? This can be done in a non intrusive, intelligent way and deployed for senior care and homes.
  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin
    I know a few people for whom extended periods in the bathroom are the highlights of their day :blush:
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