[ARTICLE] Nigerian PropTech - What is there to be scared of?

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  • Great write up James! Who would have thoughts you were making detail notes of all the conversations over drinks ....Lol. Thanks for coming out here! We hope to have you back soon.
  • James, you are a PropTech explorer ! Very interesting read. I wonder if you gauged anything around pricing of solutions and what the market is prepared to pay. One of the big challenges for European or US firms doing firms doing business in S / W Africa has been the fact the local market will only be willing to pay 20-50% of what other regions pay. Purely due to economic conditions.
    Any talk in this area ?
  • James_Dearsley2James_Dearsley2 Member, Administrator admin
    Interesting question @Edwin_Bartlett and one that perhaps @Roland_Igbinoba @Ejinne_Collinsogbuo or @Muyideen_Dosumu1 might be able to help with for a more detailed perspective
  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin
    Also @Edwin_Bartlett for many technology providers, why would lower pricing be a major issue? Sure it might be lower margin than other markets but we also know tech business models can have a LOT of margin built in
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