Release notes: 8 April 2019 *v0.13.0*

Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin
Release notes: 8 April 2019 *v0.13.0*

- Rich content (images, videos, rich text, etc.) can now be added when creating
and editing events
- Users can now opt in on the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
when signing up
- Transactional email to the administrators when a Tender is submitted
- SEO improvements: Key elements are wrapped in headings, twitted card added
on all pages

- "Add company" button in the directory section of the navigation is removed
- Avatars in the "Event Attendees" section are now clickable and lead to the
user's profile
- Colors of the arrows on the expanded event attendees screen are tweaked
as they were confusing (edited)
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