How can PropTech promote wellness in the workplace?

Hi all, as you may know,

I have been working on creating a platform called Tenant X. I am sharing insights, reports and ideas on wellness within the workplace.

I would like to know - 'What wellness initiatives do you have in your workplace which others should know about?'

How can we improve wellness in workspaces, and what technology have you seen (or do you use) which will help?

It would be great to get some fresh new ideas on this. I have been sharing mine on Tenant X - but keen to hear ideas from the PropTech community.

(If mentioning companies please link to them)




  • Bert_BroadheadBert_Broadhead Member

    EuroCres oversaw our active office fit out. The improvements with the biggest impacts for me:

    1. Plants in the workplace - easy way of bringing some vitality into boring spaces and probably some biophilic benefits too (albeit can't say I've notice this).
    2. Standing desks in meeting rooms (with active carpets) keeps meetings on point and gets you standing without much thought going into it.
  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin

    You tell me @Darryll_Colthrust?!

  • Clearly misread! Spent ages looking on Google for an active carpet! My mind was racing about some form of nanotechnology that was in the carpet to simulate different textures. 😂

    @chardove where can I find more information on Tenant X?

  • @Darryll_Colthrust an active carpet is something you don't realise you need until you've got one! Basically a shag-pile carpet that makes standing up for long periods of time more comfortable. Goes hand in hand with standing meeting room desks... I'm sure there's lots of research etc but it's basically a thick carpet which is reassuringly expensive.

  • Darryll_ColthrustDarryll_Colthrust Member
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    Nice one! :)
  • chardovechardove Member
    @Darryll_Colthrust - here is the website:
    Best to follow us on LinkedIn:
    Thanks for your replies guys.
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