Anyone been? I'm looking into getting a speaker slot and want to make sure it's the right audience...


  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes admin Administrator admin

    Which event is this @Julia_Valentine ? DO you have a link please?

  • Julia_ValentineJulia_Valentine Member it's by chartered institute of housing. It's supposed to be biggest housing event in country and I'm wondering whether it'll be too traditional or whether it'd be good to get in early!

  • Rachel_LightfootRachel_Lightfoot Member
    Hi Julia. We exhibited at Housing 2018 in the Tech and Innovation area, next to one of the silent theatres and all the speaking slots were really well attended by the delegates. Government is driving more digital transformation in the housing sector so there is a need for different approaches to traditional markets. If you've got the chance to get a speaking slot I'm sure it would be worthwhile, as there were a diverse of speakers covering Tech last year. We're also exhibiting again this year.
  • Julia_ValentineJulia_Valentine Member

    Thanks, Rachel. The tech and innovation bit is exactly what we would want to go for so will probably go for it!

  • Nigel_NewmanNigel_Newman Member
    Just to add, it's a tech conference within the main Chartered Institute of Housing Conference - the biggest conference for housing professionals so there is alot of cross over between the dedicated tech leads and mainstream housing professionals although it tends to attract the senior managers and directors. I'm doing a presentation on how IoT and sensors can improve the whole property safety and compliance area. See you there !
  • Ruth_MaguireRuth_Maguire admin Administrator admin
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    Sounds like a good opportunity @Julia_Valentine, let us know how you get on.
    All the best for your presentation @Nigel_Newman!
  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes admin Administrator admin

    Good to see you here @Nigel_Newman. The work you do at Raven is still very much an excellent case study in embracing digital transformation

  • Julia_ValentineJulia_Valentine Member
    Thanks @Nigel_Newman - we're going to do a session on how advanced technology can improve building planning outcomes. I'll look for you! We'll also have a demo pod. I'll share the insights from the day on Unissu, of course @Ruth_Maguire
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