What is the future of the building owner, when buildings become 100% circular?

Menno_LammersMenno_Lammers Member, Moderator mod

Traditionally, the building owner is the owner of the physical building. What if the parts of the building remain the property of the producer(s)? Does this mean that the building owner becomes the owner of the space in the building? Or will this remain the 'property' of the tenant(s) or user? Who owns the data? The producers, the tenant(s)/user, the traditional owner? What's your opinion?


  • Hans_NyamieHans_Nyamie Member
    Hi Menno,

    I'd like to understand your definition of "Buildings Become 100% Circular?" If parts of the building remain the property of the producer(s) it will be important to reevaluate the basis of the buildings spatial measurement. In my opinion a new Asset ownership/allocation model will need to be defined.

    Depending on a new model of Asset ownership/allocation class, space and data ownership could be apportioned accordingly, inline with any rental agreements.

    There are a number of models that can be applied and it may help to draw on insights from the manufacturing sector.

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