"Sales cycle in Prop/CoTech": I am just thinking about writing about this, any views on it?

I met few VC:s and one asked a VERY relevant question: Is it too soon to invest in PropTech/ConTech? are the sales cycles telling us that the industry is not ready yet for the digitalization? Is this like Fintec, that had similar issues early on? (And now very deep in the digital era)

fellow CEOs and also learning from my 6 years in the business is that the sales cycles are very different in every case. You just cant standardize it (yet?).

What do you think?

Thanks for the tips!



  • Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin

    An interesting question @Harri_Majala and one we discuss too. As you can see by the fact it exists, @James_Dearsley1 and I chose to build a platform that will do best if PropTech itself does best, rather than try to choose a specific vertical/country/technology to focus on. For sure, part of that is because we felt that digitization is still in early stages for property industry.

    However we think it is really only a question of timeframes for that process to happen rather than a fundamental yes or no. It's inevitable. But a lot of PropTechs and their investors will need to be patient.

  • I guess we have to start somewhere... It's going to be frustrating but change has to happen. Sadly it'll probably mean a few disasters along the way. Companies will go bust, people will lose jobs. But it will be so positive when we see the kind of positive change banking is going through.

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