Might data become a valuable community asset?

So, here’s an interesting #placemaking and #proptech question re: #data:

UNStudio develops smart neighbourhood where residents own their data https://www.dezeen.com/2019/03/05/smart-neighbourhood-brainport-smart-district-unstudio-netherlands/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

Any thoughts @AntonySlumbers19 @GavinJGallagher437 @DukeLong1065 @JamesDearsley40 - do we have any property developers on the forum? I’d be interested to know their take on this.,.


  • Fascinating article and area, thanks for posting.

    Will be interesting to see how the residents and communities here manage to leverage the data they produce to their benefit, using this advice from a “board of ethics” on the issues such as data ownership, privacy and commercial gain for the end user. Good to see this kind of experimentation going on. No doubt a lot of really useful lessons will be learnt from it, and how alternative models might be developed without big tech companies dominating.

    I was just reading this article on data privacy. 


    “Business models are cemented around the capture and trading of personal information, and consumers are still hooked on the free, real-time services they get in exchange for that data.”

    Will we see in future a polarisation between people and communities who want and are able to manage their data themselves, and those happy to be plugged into the likes of Sidewalk Labs Eastern Waterfront scheme in Toronto if it’s cheaper and easier? 

    And those who go “off grid” because they don’t have confidence in IoT device data security and how that data will be used. This article highlighted some interesting issues on this, with a poorly implemented smart home upgrade by a landlord! 


  • Thanks for sharing this - fascinating article. For me, I think there is a blurred line between ‘conveyancing’ data and IoT data, and how they are all going to interact in projects like this. From the conveyancing side of things, I am just not seeing and real conversation about how the value of data is going to shift - we are starting to accept the value of ‘property log books’ to speed up transactions, but what should be in there and who owns it? When you sell your house, does all the ownership of the data pass to the new owner, even though that represent information about how you used the place? At the moment we are scoping what outputs our next project, the AI conveyancer, will deliver and new definitions around conveyancing data, ownership and value I think are going to have to be in there.

  • James_Dearsley2James_Dearsley2 Member, Administrator admin

    As you will know data is the new oil. However @Carol_Tallon, we are a long way of owning and controlling access to our data.

    That is when there will be a whole new period of data democracy.

  • Thank you for @Ross_Braithwaite - I am torn between believing that urban data should belong to everyone, however, in practice, when it belongs to everyone, it really belongs to no one and then providers can hijack it as an organisational asset. Whereas if it belongs to the local residents and businesses, then it DOES actually belong to someone or a collection of someones. I was moderating a panel on Data Centres at the National Construction Summit earlier this week in Ireland at the sheer scale of the data opportunity is unfathomable

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