Release notes: 26 February 2019 *v0.8.0*

Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin

Release notes: 26 February 2019 v0.8.0

  • In-Platform Messaging feature is now live
  • Influencers can now be ordered by Most Influencial in a given
    time range (Past Week, Past 4 Weeks, Past 12 Months, All Time)

  • We now have a public API for Vendors, Events and Products

  • New scrolling interactions on User Opinions in Home page
  • Sector filters are now multiple-choice
  • Infinite Scrolling is replaced with Load More buttons
  • Choose Country step in Sign Up journey is now mandatory

  • Bugfixes:

    • Autopopulation on Sign Up form with already existing email
      now shows an error message
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