Release notes: 19 February 2019 *v0.7.0*

Eddie_HolmesEddie_Holmes Administrator admin

Hi everyone, here are the latest features and fixes released on the platform today. A whole bunch of new features to help PropTech businesses reach customers and investors to match with PropTech businesses who are fundraising.

Release notes: 19 February 2019 v0.7.0

  • New vendor randomization algorithm
  • New Fundraising label on vendors that are currently fundraising (Premium Feature)
  • Vendors can now also be filtered by Fundraising (Premium Feature)
  • Sponsored first vendor positions are now available
  • Billing events are now tracked through Google Analytics
  • Searching for resources now looks inside their custom tags in addition to the old criteria
  • Featured Preferences for events are now available


  • Logging in through LinkedIn does not redirect to Dashboard every time anymore
  • Minor look and feel update to Similar Companies widget


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